What challenges do the students face?

Newly arrived high school aged students requiring intensive English face a range of challenges as they prepare to enter high school. All students, including those with previous continuous education, must orient themselves to a new education system while developing their English language proficiency. The added difficulty for newly arrived senior aged students is that they have less time to prepare for the more academically challenging demands of the senior curriculum.

The difficulties are compounded for newly arrived students who have previous disrupted or little schooling. Most are refugees and as a result of their experiences may have few formal learning skills and very low levels of literacy. In addition they may have settlement difficulties as well as complex health problems, including mental health issues.

While these refugee students stay longer in IECs they will still exit into high school at significantly lower language and literacy levels than their peers with continuous schooling. They generally require high levels of support to enable them to learn English, develop literacy and participate in schooling.

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