Transcript for participate - examples from schools

The following transcript has been edited for clarity.

Voice over - Every member of the school community has something to offer and families’ time, energy and expertise support learning and school programs in many ways.

School principal one

One of the very successful ways we did that was to employ a team of community liaison officers.  Initially their role was to help us as a school communicate with parents, particularly across language and cultural barriers and they proved to be very effective at that, and over time their role broadened into one of reaching out to the community, bringing parents into the school for circumstances other than discipline and so the community kitchen grants became a reality and they were able to bring in not just parents but community members who recently arrived from various parts of the world. We felt that a social venture where people get together, mostly around food - that can’t go wrong, has proved to be very positive in projecting a positive image of the school and our culture and what being a young Australian is all about.

Voice over - Islington Public School has also identified and fostered valuable skills in family members.  This has resulted in the school gaining a new staff member.

School principal two

One of our students here at the school was doing really really well, and their sister was coming to pick them up all the time and we were trying to have conversations and just checking in with how she thought her sister was doing and of course, asking how she was going. And she was shocked by how quickly her sister’s English language was developing compared to her own. And we talked about the fact that she’s speaking English all day, she’s listening to English all day, it’s very different from an adult learning English in an institution. And what I offered her was the ability to come in and volunteer with some of the younger children in their classroom and just help out on a voluntary basis and she ended up taking that up, and she came in and volunteered on the days that she wasn’t at TAFE learning English and she just volunteered in the classroom and her English really, really grew very very quickly and then that ended up resulting in the ability to employ her as a SLSO (School learning support officer), as a bilingual aid.

School learning support officer

I was very nervous because I’m thinking about myself, Oh I can’t do that because my English is very rubbish! And after that I said OK, just try.

Community liaison officer

For me Islington Public School is a very very good opportunity for me, because I think I grow up in here, and also I improve my English in here. I’m so happy.

For people to leave their homeland and come to a different country, there must be a massive reason to do that. So they need care, they need respect, they need someone who show them emotions plus professionalism.

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