Transcript for connect learning at home and school - examples from schools

The following transcript has been edited for clarity.

Voice over - Connections between families and school that promote student learning, high expectations, contribute to students’ school success.

School principal

The benefits of a parent involved in their child’s learning is immense, and it can be something as simple as being able to talk to your child about school.

Voice over - Liverpool Public School invites newly arrived refugee parents to spend time regularly in the school garden with their children so they feel comfortable in the school environment.

School principal

So rather than challenging parents with how we are teaching reading, how to teach maths and expecting them to be teachers at home, it’s about providing them with the language and an opportunity to talk with the school, to talk with their children and to support in a way that promotes learning but also takes the pressure off parents because often they are dealing with lots of different issues, lots of different concerns, and we want to make this process as simple as possible.

Teacher one

As they get older it’s important for us to maintain that their parents connect with their kids.  That is why we invited parents to come on a weekly basis for them to join with the kids, help out with gardening and a way for them to see what we are doing in school.

Teacher two

So the bi-lingual reading program at Parramatta East Public School is about encouraging students to be inquisitive about first or previous languages other than English, allowing the parents to be part of the classroom learning and ensuring that they have a voice in the room.  We have had an overwhelming response from all our parents saying that they feel so valued that they get to talk to other parents as well and see similarities and differences between their languages and their cultures and they were blown away by the enthusiasm of the students as well.

Voice over - At Holroyd High School they offer practical information on navigating life in Australia along with English classes.

Parent one (via translator)

Hanan sat an English test. She is really keen on improving her English. And so the way in which... they have all become students. Mum, and the children and Dad. And because mum was studying for the exam, all the children felt like they wanted to contribute to that. And so they sat with mum, so they started training mum, in English conversation, and so mum was learning from the children. And obviously that creates a beautiful bond.

And so she sat the exam, and the first thing they asked her, the minute they came home was, mum, how did you answer this question, how did you answer that question. So everybody is benefiting from this. And she wants her children to see her struggle to do better, to challenge themselves, so that they can maybe do the same thing. If they can see mum doing it, it inspires them to do it as well.

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