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The following transcript has been edited for clarity.

Voice over - Developing relationships with government and non-government agencies, community groups, business and other educational providers strengthens the ability of schools and families to support their students and their parents.

Parent one

My daughter goes to Chester Hill Public School and that school is doing very good things.  They are running the community hub which is a great way to communicate and connect with the community very easily and when my daughter started school and then I thought that I would start again, my study or whatever and community hub helped me a lot that way. They run a course.  I did my education support course inside the community hub inside the school hours. Very convenient for me and it was a pathway for me to start my study or my career again and the community hub helped me that way very much.

Voice over - At Chester Hill Public School they regularly work with outside services.

Community Hub leader

Today we have our school readiness program. This program is one of our many partnerships that we have with external organisations and we run this program in our school hall which is a shared space with Bankstown Council. The program runs weekly, all year round, and it supports parents to help their children to transition to schools successfully.

The great thing about the program is also we have a lot of external services that come in so, for example, we have speech pathologists that might come out and help to intervene early with the children if they have any speech issues. We also have facilitators who come in and do some parenting sessions with the parents while their children are here.

Voice over - At Prairiewood High School parent leaders work with community and business representatives to develop programs to support student learning.

School principal

It wasn’t just the community and parents, we also wanted to connect more broadly with industry, the universities, with refugee programs, with the council and the support services that they offer like STARTTS, etc. Even local hospitals and so it was a way of broadening our reach and having the community come into the school in more effective ways.

Voice over - One program they’re currently running with a university is a mentoring scheme.

Community liaison officer

The program that we’re running to is called, a relationship with the University of Western Sydney, PATH, which stands for Pacific Achievements to Higher Education.

So we’ve come up with a mentoring program that we could have 2 or 3 students and um with a mentor that we could go through a program with each one of them, highlighting what is it that they would like to do after and beyond school.

Voice over - External partners can bring specific skills and support structures to students from newly arrived or refugee backgrounds.

Community sector representative

Mission Australia in schools, we offer outreach programs. They’re normally programs that are workshops, they come in and help fill the knowledge gap for young people in terms of life skills, we cover topics such as self-confidence, self-awareness, and help to build a stronger foundation for them to build on their confidence, their self- confidence and awareness.

Voice over - Specific organisations can develop targeted strategies for students that require additional support.

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