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hundreds of small wooden sculptures of houses painted in vibrant colours
Image: Home, Ashfield Public School, K-6 Students
composite of four colourful collages of sydney harbour
Image: Sydney Harbour, Bourke Street Public School, Class 12L
composite of four black and white prints depicting farm houses and surrounds
Image: Various, Caragabal Public School, Drew W Y5, Jimmy D Y5, Eve N Y4, Gabby K Y5
collage of drawings of cows over tiled photo of hands forming the shape of a heart
Image: The Cows at Tilba, Central Tilba Public School, Years K, 1 and 2
collage of colourful landscapes with cut out details
Image: A place for everyone, Chullora Public School, Rayanne B Y5, Sabrina H Y6, Jana B Y6, Shahd H Y6
composite of four artworks of dwellings
Image: Urban sanctuary, Cronulla Public School, Brian F, Sunny B, Nate S and Zara O, Year 2
composite of four prints of banksias using black ink and yellow dye
Image: Still life, Fairy Meadow Demonstration School, Alanna M, Jake K, Stella S, Stage 2
painting of 9 turtles with fingerprints on their backs
Image: Our place, the important roles our women play in our place, Glendore Public School, Class 2P
painting of ovals of various sizes and colours on a red and orange background
Image: Our place, built on respect, harmony and acceptance, Glendore Public School, Class 2P
painting of various native Australian animal footprints coming together at a central meeting place
Image: Our place, from all walks of life, Glendore Public School, Class 2P
Aboriginal painting depicting the meeting place of four tribes, their totem animals and Baiame, the Creator
Image: Our place, Kurri Kurri High School, Jada B, Chenika E and Ellie F Y10 Studio School
photograph of colourful plastic fireflies glowing in different colours against the night sky
Image: Let it glow, Middle Harbour Public School, Chloe R, Kian F, Dean L, Marie L, Year 5
underlay of mosaic of photographs of where students live and learn, overlay of photo of Port Macquarie trees and coastline
Image: Hear our voices sing as one, North East Public School of Distance Education, Stage 3 Bronze using photographs contributed by students K to 6
composite of nine paintings of snow capped mountains with silhouettes of winter trees and their shadows in the foreground
Image: Mountains of the Monaro, Nimmitabel Public School, Piper F, Kody M, Beth H, Deuchar W, Hayley H, Olivia P, Sophie P, Jade P and Osi A, years 3 to 6
texta drawing of five colorful houses along a street with two cars on a road and two people on grass in the foreground
Image: Our Colourful Place, Normanhurst Public School, Gemma M, Year 2
collage of colourful drawings of houses
Image: Our place our home, Oakhill Drive Public School, Year 2 Art Club
composite of 8 colourful portraits created with wool, string and scrap material
Image: Woven together, Red Range Public School, Years K and 1
composite of 24 clay tiles created using natural materials and painted in bright colours
Image: Our special place, Victoria Avenue Public School, Red Kangaroos Years 3 and 4
colourful artwork depicting a rat kangaroo standing in front of a sunset and surrounded by four trees with red lanterns
Image: Rufus the Rat Kangaroo, Yarrawarrah Public School, Clara C, Year 2
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