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Aboriginal art on a blue, aqua and turquoise background with two black wombat footprints in the top right corner
Image: Stronger together, Class 2P, Glendore Public School
many colourful 3D flowers made from paper, feathers and other materials on a painted green background
Image: Watering the Friendship Garden Together, Kaylah and Charlie, Jugiong Public School
A collage of 12 different faces, made from pieces of brenex paper, on different coloured backgrounds
Image: A Collage of Us, 5/6 McCartney, Cambridge Gardens Public School
Aboriginal style dot painting of Australia
Image: Under the same sky, Elijah, Lockhart Central School
A collage of 12 photographs of stars, each made with two fingers from five hands, each star different and slightly imperfect
Image: Perfectly Imperfect, Years 4-6, Nimmitabel Public School
A collage of a big fish made from many different smaller, colourful fish on a deep blue background
Image: Big Fish, All students K-12, Glenvale School
A collage of 6 bees made from brown and wax paper and black paint on a yellow honeycomb background
Image: Better Together, 5/6 Pacific Ocean, Rylstone Public School
An abstract, Aboriginal style painting of different figures, marks and prints in bright colours on a black background
Image: Yenma Yenmalaibylia - Let's Walk Together, All students K-12, The Ponds School
A montage of photos of strings of origami paper cranes hanging against a pinky purple background
Image: Welcome Wish, Whole school K-6, Ashfield Public School
Black foreground and silhouettes against a vibrant orange to purple sunset background
Image: Family Community, Elois, Cootamundra High School
Eleven black and white self portraits of kindergarten student cut out and pasted on a yellow to red ombre background
Image: Togetherness, KS, Old Bar Public School
A collage of Australian animals escaping bush fire and flood.
Image: The story of survival (2020 fire, rain and floods), Yr 8-11 Red Class, Bomaderry High School
Chalk pastel drawing of two figures, one with its arm around the other, on a colourful patchwork design background
Image: Together we are Resilient, Robert, Dalgety Public School
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