HSC – unpacking questions

Resources designed by our curriculum experts to support the delivery of mathematics subjects in the lead up to the HSC examinations.


Mathematics Advanced resources in the HSC hub

Conditional probability

Video unpacking an adapted question from the NESA topic guide for statistical analysis which looks at conditional probability

HSC hub - Conditional probability

Discrete probability distributions

Video unpacking question 19 from the NESA sample examination paper which looks at discrete probability distributions

HSC Hub - Discrete probability distributions

Pareto charts

Video unpacking question 5 from the NESA sample examination paper for Mathematics Advanced, which looks at pareto charts

HSC hub-Pareto charts

Probability density functions

Video unpacking question 7 from the NESA sample examination paper which looks at probability density functions

HSC hub - Probability density functions

The normal distribution

Video unpacking question 29 from NESA's sample examination.

HSC hub-The normal distribution

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