Everyday Maths Hub

The Everyday Maths Hub for parents and carers can complement your in-class teaching. Visit this page regularly for the latest resources to support your school community.

We are helping parents and carers engage their children in mathematics through fun, relatable activities.

The Everyday Maths Hub

  • is an engaging and dynamic online platform for parents and carers of children in Kindy through to Year 10
  • aims to support and encourage family conversations about the relevance and usefulness of mathematics in everyday life
  • is part of the NSW Mathematics Strategy to achieve the Premier’s vision, 'for all NSW students to develop the mathematical skills they need to succeed in life'
  • was designed in consultation with our teachers, parents and carers
  • can support parents and carers in empowering their children to think critically and creatively, find and solve problems, and notice and wonder about the mathematics in the world around them
  • helps parents and carers connect with their children through mathematics
  • can be accessed from Everyday Maths Hub


  • mathematical bite-size content
  • short creative videos to introduce topics
  • interactive everyday activities
  • inspiring reading and resource lists
  • games and puzzles

Get involved

Watch this video to see where maths can take you.

Promoting to parents and carers

You may use the hub with parents and carers to:

  • support positive home-school partnerships
  • generate conversations about mathematics
  • introduce and support the use of mathematical language
  • encourage curiosity and playfulness with mathematical ideas
  • connect mathematics across stages, topics and other key learning areas
  • promote positive mathematical mindsets
  • suggest games, books and activities


Looking for ideas to spark positive conversations about mathematics in the everyday? Take a look at these themed reading lists to engage, inform and inspire your child/ student:

  • Building positive maths mindsets
  • People who used maths to help them change the world
  • Puzzling and wondering through maths
  • Maths in surprising places
  • Having fun when using maths
  • Books to build understanding

Translated Everyday Maths Hub resources

Explore a mix of fun games, useful resources and creative activities that parents and carers can do with their child.

Mathematics belongs to all of us. Enjoy using the Everyday Maths Hub with your school community.

Further information

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