New Focus on Reading

New Focus on Reading 3-6 is a school-based professional learning initiative. It applies learning directly to the classroom to address and improve teacher practice and student outcomes in reading.

The initiative is available to all schools to inform and improve pedagogy.

New Focus on Reading 3-6:

  • builds teachers’ knowledge and strategies for the explicit teaching of reading in all subjects
  • helps teachers understand and deliberately teach reading strategies through action learning
  • enables students to access the increasingly complex texts they are required to comprehend in the middle years of schooling
  • refines teaching practice
  • provides school leaders with the knowledge and resources to develop, support and maintain changed pedagogy.

The initiative consists of two years of professional learning for teachers and school leaders. It encompasses reading comprehension, reading fluency and vocabulary knowledge.

It is informed by both national and international research on:

  • reading and the teaching of reading
  • leading pedagogical change
  • the management of school change
  • sustaining both pedagogical and school change.

Australian Professional Standards for Teachers

New Focus on Reading 3-6 addresses the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers and current NSW Education Standards Authority (NESA) syllabus content.


Educational Services teams manage the strategic coordination of personnel and this accredited professional learning.

Principals can collaborate locally to implement New Focus on Reading 3-6 by:

  • negotiating costs, training location for school–based trainers, trainer support for teachers and release of personnel to ensure efficient local delivery.
  • collaborating between primary and secondary schools supported by Educational Services teams to develop flexible delivery models


For more information contact the Literacy Advisor K-6 Shannan Salvestro 9244 5190.

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