New Focus on Reading

New professional learning called, Focus on Understanding Texts, is under development and will align with the NSW syllabus, the National Literacy Learning Progression and be informed by current research.

This is an opportunity to build on the quality components of New Focus on Reading professional learning and explore new models of delivery, including face to face learning together with online modules.

Why the change?

The department is committed to using the National Literacy Learning Progression to aid teachers to more accurately locate a student?s current literacy knowledge, understanding and skills to support planning for learning and teaching from the syllabus. New Focus on Reading is structured around the use of the Literacy Continuum.

As part of the Striving for Excellence Review, the department has made a commitment that all professional learning offered by Educational Services division from 2019 will be quality assured. The Striving for Excellence Review can be accessed on the Educational Services review webpage.

To ensure quality and consistency of all professional learning being provided to NSW teachers, the Learning Quality team are requiring that all professional learning delivered by the Educational Services Division goes through the quality assurance process, is evidence-based, incorporates adult learning principles, collaboration and sharing of expertise. As a result of this, New Focus on Reading, is no longer available to schedule through MyPL.

What is the new Focus on Understanding Text professional learning?

This professional learning will aim to improve teacher practice and student reading outcomes by reflecting on and improving pedagogy. Components of effective reading instruction that will have focus in this course will be comprehension, processes, vocabulary and fluency.

Completing this course will help you to:

· understand the reading process and teach reading explicitly

· scaffold student understanding of increasingly complex texts

· differentiate learning that reflects individual student learning needs

· refine teaching practice

· increase knowledge and resources to develop, support and maintain changed pedagogy

Information about the current professional learning opportunities is available on the Literacy and Numeracy Professional Learning webpage.

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