Language, Learning and Literacy

Language, Learning and Literacy (L3) is a research-based intervention program for kindergarten students, targeting reading and writing. It complements the daily literacy program for Kindergarten students who do not bring a rich literacy background to their first year of school.

Students receive explicit instruction in reading and writing strategies in small groups in a daily literacy lesson. Students then rotate to independent or group tasks.

Teachers of L3 complete professional learning throughout a school year including workshops, demonstration lessons, supervised practice and on-the-job support.

Fact sheets

Kindergarten L3 is a research-based Kindergarten classroom intervention, targeting text reading and writing. It provides rich literacy experiences through systematic and explicit teaching. It complements the daily literacy program.

Information for Kindergarten team The program goal is to reduce the need for more intensive and resource demanding programs in future years, including Reading Recovery.

Stage 1 L3 Stage 1 is a professional learning program that aims to build on students’ literacy learning from Language, Learning and Literacy (L3) in Kindergarten.

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