Broadening knowledge of mathematics literacy and language


This professional learning provides teachers with an opportunity to develop skills in planning for and enacting rich mathematics conversations in classrooms.

Who should participate?

K-8 teachers and leaders

Mode of delivery

Online learning through Microsoft teams


Participating in this course will help you to:

  • analyse the relationship between the curriculum content strands and the four proficiency strands in the Mathematics syllabus.
  • investigate how reasoning and quality, intentional talk are closely linked.
  • explore the development of mathematics reasoning through quality questioning.
  • develop knowledge of planning success criteria with a clear purpose around three areas: content, language and social objectives.
  • explore domain specific mathematical vocabulary and how visual tools can be used to support students in using tier 2 and 3 vocabulary.
  • explore how inclusion of concrete, pictorial and abstract representations support student learning.
  • examine the language expectations for students to be able to respond to common classroom prompts such as, 'explain your answer'.

Register for ‘Broadening knowledge of mathematics literacy and language' via MyPL (Course code NR28906)

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