Leading secondary writing


This five day face-to-face professional learning is designed to help strengthen the teaching of writing across all curriculum areas by providing resources and opportunities for secondary teachers to explore effective pedagogy and teaching strategies. The research based strategies will include explicit teaching, effective feedback and high expectations.

Who should participate?

This professional learning is designed for teachers (Years 7 - 10).

Mode of delivery

Face-to-face delivery over five days with in-school tasks supported by Literacy and Numeracy Strategy Advisors


This professional learning will help teachers build capacity to: lead an evidence-based approach to the teaching of writing across the KLAs; understand the specific writing demands of their KLA; understand how the literacy learning progression can be used to support the teaching of writing; and design teaching, learning and assessment to support student writing improvement.

Participants will be given the opportunity to investigate the writing demands in their KLA and will be supported to explore the connections between the NSW syllabus and the National Literacy Learning Progression.

The course will explore how the progressions can be used to monitor student growth in creating texts and consider how the progressions can support differentiation to cater for the diverse needs in classrooms.

Participants will be supported to analyse data, identify the learning needs of students and make informed decisions about the teaching of writing.


Leader, Professional Learning Literacy and Numeracy

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