Domino teaching activities

Activity 1

Work in pairs. Each student takes a domino. Count the number of dots to determine the total. Write the number after the total and the number before. Partner checks the recording. Change roles.

Recording sheet

Activity 2

Work in pairs or small group. Dominoes are placed face down. The first player selects a domino to place on the “Follow the Leader” mat. Students take turns picking up dominoes one by one and placing them on the mat in the appropriate columns. Each student explains why they have put their domino in that space. Another student has their turn.

Recording sheet

Place domino above sheet

Activity 3 Parking lot

Choose 6 number cards and place them on a table. Find dominoes that total the number on the card. Record the number sentences.

Activity 4

Work in pairs. Each pair of students is given a number between 15 and 30. Each student finds 4 dominoes that altogether have a total matching the number on the card. Students record number sentences. Use a calculator to verify partner’s total.

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