Check-in assessment resources

Professional learning

Before the assessment

Online assessments – Preparation eLearning includes an introduction to the assessments, the preparation and implementation processes and how to access feedback and support. All supervisors should complete this eLearning before administering the assessment.

After the assessment

  • Phase 2 – Access and analyse: Designed to assist teachers and school leaders to learn more about assessment observations available in Scout and PLAN2.
  • Phase 3 - Taking action: Designed to assist teachers and school leader to ‘take action’ in the classroom.

Accessed via the Professional learning channel in MS Teams (DoE Check-in assessment) (staff only)

Vision impaired student materials requests

Large print and Braille versions of the assessment are available for students who already access Braille and Large Print Services and who are supported by an itinerant support teacher vision.

Full details are included in the Check-in assessment request for large print and Braille materials form - (department schools) (staff only)


The administration checklist (PDF, 2.25MB) (staff only) will help schools to track and complete key actions for administering the assessment.

Technical and device requirements

All devices used for the assessment must meet minimum technical requirements and be checked prior to the assessment using the diagnostic test web page (see table below).

There is no lock down browser for the Check-in assessment.

Table 1: Check-in assessment technical requirements
Equipment Minimum requirements
Monitor Resolution of 1024 x 7689 inch (diagonal measurement)
9 inch (diagonal measurement)
Audio Headphones, earphones or earbuds
Devices (sound card required) Laptop
Desktop PC
iPad (not iPad minis)
Android tablet
Device accessories Keyboard and mouse or trackpad (for desktops and laptops)

Operating system

Mac OS X+
MS Windows 7, 8 and 10+
Chrome OS 38+
iOS 10.3.3+
Android 5+
Supported web browsers Google Chrome 28+
Firefox 20+
Safari 6+

Note: New web browser updates released after the assessment window opens may not be supported.
Diagnostics test web page see assessment handbook
Bandwidth 512 KB bandwidth for up to 20 users
2 MB bandwidth for up 100 users

Other internet traffic should be minimised during online test.


(Years 7, 8 and 9 only).

Students can bring their own calculator or use calculator software installed on most devices.

Primary students cannot use calculators.
Other peripherals Students cannot use web browsers, email, mobile phones, dictionaries or other resources for research or clarification.

Assessment handbook

The Assessment handbook supports teachers to administer the Check-in assessment. It contains:

  • links for the administration and assessment portals
  • details on how to access the teacher’s demonstration site
  • instructions to students
  • step by step guides to help teachers to:
    • print student codes
    • create a test session code and start a session
    • open a test session
    • postpone and reopen a student attempt
    • view the postponed student report and test attempts summary
    • finalise a session.

The assessment handbook is available via the Assessment Support channel in MS Teams (DoE Check-in assessment) (staff only).

Online tool

The Check in assessment is delivered via third party platform.

The assessment platform URL and password activation email is sent to the Assessment coordinator shortly before the assessment window opens. Once the coordinator has set the password, the coordinator can access the administration platform and begin to prepare for the assessment.

Information for parents and carers

A message for parents and carers (DOCX 22KB) (staff only) may be tailored for use in school newsletters or other school communications.

Note: The Check-in assessment is a diagnostic assessment to inform teaching. There are no official parent and carer reports available.


Real time support is available 8:00am to 4:00 pm weekdays during the assessment window via MS Teams (DoE Check-in assessment) (staff only).

Outside the assessment window, email


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