Key information

Learning from home refers to the ways schools maintain teaching and learning activities in the event of a prolonged school closure or student absence.

Learning from home plans allow for the continuation of these activities despite interruptions to normal school attendance for one or more students or the whole school community.

Schools are best placed to know their communities, and how best to provide support for students and their parents.

There is a lot to take into consideration, including the age of the students, the length of the interruption and what technology and other tools are available for teachers, students and parents.

The department is providing a range of teaching resources, student materials, parent and carer advice and assistance for teachers who need support with planning lessons or using technology.

These pages are being regularly updated with new resources and information.

The NSW Department of Education is committed to helping schools stay connected with tools including digital devices and reliable internet connections.

As we enter the space of remote learning, Stage 6 teachers and students have been flagged as a high priority to sustain their teaching and learning activities on an on-going basis.

Schools, as part of their planning, are encouraged to conduct a self-assessment of their current position in being able to deliver learning on-line.  To assist with this, a brief survey has been developed to allow schools to identify gaps and request additional equipment for home-based internet connectivity or learning devices.  

The survey can be accessed here

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