STEM refers to Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. STEM education enhances student learning experiences through engaging curriculum that may include integration, inquiry and project-based learning. Students apply knowledge, deepen their understanding and develop high-order thinking skills within an authentic context, so they can fulfil future career aspirations that require STEM skills.

The NSW Department of Education is taking the following directions to ensure the delivery of quality STEM education for all students:

  • raising expectations and enhancing the quality of student learning in STEM
  • fostering quality teaching and leadership in STEM
  • innovative ways of delivering STEM education

Actively engaging students in authentic and challenging STEM learning experiences, creating learning environments that foster innovation and creativity is fundamental to the success of STEM education in schools. Integrating STEM learning allows teachers to place a greater focus on the general capabilities of our syllabuses such as: critical and creative thinking, information and communication technology capability and personal and social capability.

The department has initiated a number of STEM projects. The projects aim to:

  • develop learning experiences through the use of project-based learning strategies
  • improve student learning through pedagogical change
  • provide schools with the opportunity to evaluate teaching and learning practices
  • trial quality integrated STEM programs in schools across NSW

STEM illustrations of practice and resources can be accessed for teachers to use and implement in schools.

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