The maker movement provides opportunities for students to identify problems, communicate ideas and design and create solutions with or without technology. The makerspace can enable students of all ages to develop such skills as leadership and a ‘can do’ spirit.

Carefully designed maker activities engage students in problem solving, creative and critical thinking, and entrepreneurial learning. They are reflective of real-world constraints, important design principles and are useful in engaging student thinking about the grand challenges of tomorrow.

Makerspace is a collaborative and creative learning environment with changing and flexible educational goals. Students of diverse skills and talents can come together to use and learn to use materials as well as develop creative projects.

The Makerspaces Australia website explains what the maker movement is, the benefits of developing a makerspace in your school community, and give users a range of example makerspace environments and different projects to try.

The ABC Splash website hosts a variety of multimodal resources that explains the benefits and practical aspects of using makerspace to support future focused learning and teaching.

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