Teach and learn

Teach and learn resources are designed to guide teachers through the most educationally significant sections of the department’s IT partner websites. Each 'Teach and learn' resource has a specific educational focus and contains links to tutorials and ideas about how and when to apply them in education.


Teach and learn with Adobe focuses on creative thinking and the tools available to students and teachers for the creation of digital products.


Teach and learn with Apple focuses on what software can be used for the creation of digital products and explores relevant teaching and learning resources. Links to tutorials for working with the tools are provided, along with ideas about how and when to apply them.


Teach and learn with Intel focuses on innovation and includes links to professional learning from Intel. Teachers and educational leaders will find support for technology initiatives with proven benefits to student outcomes.


Teach and learn with Microsoft focuses on developing students’ future focused learning skills such as collaboration, creativity, communication and critical thinking. It also guides teachers to advice about Microsoft software tools and services that can be used for creating and organising teaching and learning resources.

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