Digital resources

Digital learning and teaching resources from the department embed future focused learning and include advice for teachers to use them in the classroom. They address NSW syllabus outcomes, harness new and emerging technologies and comply with government accessibility and quality standards.

Anzac resources commemorate the centenary of World War I and can be used in a range of key learning areas and Stages.

The Collaboratus series models future focused learning and teaching practices while embedding online collaboration tools such as G Suite for Education and Microsoft Office 365.

Each resource in the series has been developed collaboratively between teachers and department state-office directorates.

The digital citizenship website contains information, games, learning activities and videos about safe and responsible digital citizenship. It is useful for all students, teachers and parents.

Syllabus bites contain bite-sized information, links and lesson ideas to support teachers implement Australian Curriculum NSW syllabuses.

Teach and learn resources have been developed in collaboration with the department’s IT partners. They are designed to guide teachers through the most educationally significant sections of partner websites.

Our video resource collection provides students and teachers with a scaffolded approach to exploring a topic using video. All resources address NSW syllabus outcomes.

NSW ecosystems on show highlights fifteen natural ecosystems found in New South Wales. Each resource has been designed for students investigating ecosystem types in NSW, providing a greater understanding of their location, function, how they are impacted by human activity and how schools and communities can work to protect them.

The learning tools selector is a web application that supports teachers to make informed decisions about the technologies they use with their students. Learning tools are represented as coloured tiles and arranged into categories that reflect modern teaching that align to the ICT Capability. The selector has been developed by the department's Learning Design and Development team.

Finding resources

You can find learning and teaching resources suitable for use with students in all subjects and learning stages using the department's resource discovery tools:

  • Scootle – a national library of over 20,000 digital learning and teaching resources aligned to stages of learning and subjects. The collection features rich and multimodal learning resources developed to support learning outcomes and improve student engagement. You can also access Scootle through the staff portal. Look under ‘S’ in the My Websites section.
  • Oliver – a school library management system that has replaced older catalogue systems in all department schools. A school's Oliver library system is accessible through student and school staff portals. Use the federated search option in Oliver to find digital learning and teaching resources.
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