Digital citizenship

NSW government schools teach students to be safe and responsible digital citizens.

Students learn about appropriate technology use. Some examples include:

  • using the department portal
  • collaborating online
  • sharing information
  • using Google Apps for Education, Microsoft Office 365 and other online learning and teaching tools.

Schools also teach students to identify and avoid online dangers such as:

  • cyberbullying
  • inappropriate websites
  • grooming
  • losing control of personal pictures
  • viruses and other security issues.

The digital citizenship website provides useful information for students, teachers and parents. Games, learning activities and videos teach K–10 students about safe and responsible digital citizenship. Professional learning for primary and secondary teachers is also included and a separate section for parents on the website provides a number of links to informative videos and advice to help young people stay safe, positive and responsible online.

Other resources

The Office of the eSafety Commissioner provides lesson plans, tools and resources to assist with the teaching of responsible digital citizenship.

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