Peer observation

Peer observation involves teachers observing each other's practice and learning from one and other. It's a strategy that is focused on teachers' individual needs and finding opportunities to learn from the practice of others and offer constructive feedback.

The focus of this strategy is to encourage openness and sharing of practice among teachers to build a community of trust. Peer observation provides opportunities to discuss challenges and successes with trusted colleagues in order to improve learning experiences and outcomes for students. It can form part of the process of other professional learning strategies, such as instructional coaching and peer coaching. The Australian Institute for Teaching and School Leadership (AITSL) document provides detailed information about the processes of peer observation.

Key elements

  • Sharing practice with a mutual commitment to the ongoing development of practice.
  • Focus is on the needs of the individual teacher, informed by their students' needs.
  • Trust between the teachers observing and being observed must be established.

Further reading and resources

How to Guide – Peer observation AITSL

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