What type of usage reports can be generated?

Libraries commonly want to report on the usage of their collection. Oliver offers a range of statistical reports on Resource and Borrower usage. Helpful reports include:

Resource usage reports

  • Most popular resources
  • Least used resources.

Borrower usage reports

  • Most frequent borrowers
  • Least frequent borrowers.

Need more information?

The guide, Overview of borrower and resource usage with search criteria reports, provides an overview of usage reports available.

Just a reminder, the data included in reports comes from the data migrated from OASIS. Usually, this was the data history from the previous two calendar years before migration.

How do I print a report of borrower usage?

At the end of each term, primary school teachers often want a list of the count or a list of the titles of books that have been borrowed by each student in their class for the term.

These guides describe how to print a count of loans for each borrower by roll class or a list of the titles.

Which Oliver reports can I use for our student academic reports?

There are several useful Oliver loan statistical reports and the two guides below offer several criteria

  1. How to run a report on borrower usage by roll class – Borrower usage by roll class reports students by roll class, in alphabetical order showing a total number of loans in a specified period. Students with no loans in the specified period will not appear on the report.
  2. Overview of most frequent borrower report – Most frequent borrowers lists students in each roll class in order from most frequent to least, with the number of loans in a specified period listed. Recommended to print this by individual roll class. Students with no loans in the specified period will not appear on the report.
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