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Overview of My Library

The search screen includes the ability for users to view information about themselves, including current and overdue Loans, reservations and loan history. Users logged into orbit can create their own look and feel for their library home screen including background image, colour theme and avatar.

Can primary students have access to both Orbit and my library?

All schools have access to both Orbit and the standard search screen. Students and staff can select which one to use. Everyone has access to the My Library section once they log in via the portal.

Is it possible to set Orbit as the preferred default for K-2 students as a whole?

If they log out while viewing the Orbit screen it will always log back in to the Orbit screen. Oliver remembers your preference from the last session.

How do I make more than 100 resources show in the search interface?

The default value for the maximum number of results returned for searches made in the Oliver Search Interface is 100.

This parameter is deliberately set to a modest value to prevent a very large number of resources being returned by a broad search. For some large Reading Lists like the Premier's Reading Challenge, the default value is too small to show all results.

You can increase the number of resources displayed on the Search Interface screen by modifying Parameter 4406 - Search Limit for Resources.

  1. Navigate to Management > Parameters.
  2. Type 4406 in the search box at the top of the screen and click the button. The section of the parameters list including parameter 4406 will be displayed.
  3. Change the current value of the Search Limit for Resources from 100 to a new value to suit your needs, e.g. 500.
  4. Click the icon to save the change.

For detailed instructions go to the guide – How to display more than 100 results in the search interface.

How do I set up a federated search?

Federated search allows you to select one of more search sources, including databases and other library catalogues and then search them all at the same time. A single list of search results is provided, grouped by the search sources.

The following guides show you how to set up federated searches for:

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