How do I delete unused roll classes?

  1. Navigate to Circulation > Roll Classes.
    Note: The Search screen will be displayed instead if your school has more than 40 roll classes. Schools that have recently migrated to LMBR will often have their roll classes doubled up because the roll classes have been renamed.
    Click the Browse icon link to display the list screen if you don’t see a list of roll classes.
  2. Select Delete Unused Roll Classes from the Roll Classes function menu. A DELETE UNUSED ROLL CLASSES confirmation window will be displayed.
  3. Click the Yes button to delete all roll classes that are unused. Note: A roll class cannot be deleted if any students are still enrolled.

How do I give access to other teachers to loan and return in Oliver?

Small schools frequently want to give individual teachers the ability to loan and return items in Oliver. There are two ways to achieve this:

  1. Grant the teachers Library Assistant L2 access rights to Oliver.
    This is done using AMU (Access Management Utility) which your principal (or their delegate) can access. See the guide Overview of AMU – Allocating access rights to staff for Oliver
  2. Set up a circulation kiosk workstation.
    This computer is logged into Oliver with a special login that allows the circulation desk in Oliver to be accessed but nothing else. It means that you do not have to use your own personal login which would be a breach of security. The login details and setup guides were provided as part of the ‘Go Live’ call when you first migrated to Oliver. If you cannot find these details, submit a ‘How To’ request and we will arrange for them to be sent again.

LMBR schools and roll class names

LMBR schools have been migrated to the new DoE Administration software including EBS4. EBS4 manages roll classes in your school. Schools office staff have been trained to include the school code on the end of the roll class name to ensure uniqueness across all schools, for example 6N-9999 instead of 6N.

Oliver uses the roll class names that are used by the school administration system so if the roll class names are changed in the school administration system they will also change in Oliver. It is not possible to use different roll class names in Oliver.

The school administration system is the source of all student and staff information for Oliver.

Follow the steps in the Beginning of year tasks guide to remove in bulk the old roll class names that are no longer used.

What are tags?

Tags can be used to search for and locate resources that have something in common, for example, records that will be useful for students enrolled in a specific course or subject, or resources that are to be reviewed at a certain date. A tag will often be applied to records by system operations such as a Data Import to make it easy to identify which records have been changed. Records can have more than one tag attached. A tag can be deleted from an individual resource record or a tag that is used by many records can be deleted in bulk.

For more information see the guides:

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