Why don’t my individual roll class overdue reports work anymore?

The most likely reason is that the names of roll classes have changed since last year. If you created an individual overdue notice template for each roll class then you will have added a borrower selection that included the roll class name. If the roll class name has changed, then the previous borrower selection will no longer work.

How can I personalise the overdue notice?

You can change the Header, Footer and Message section for each Overdue Notice Template to suit your own requirements.

How do I include the cost in an overdue notice?

Many overdue notice reports have two formats. Choose the version of the report that includes ‘with cost’ in the title.

Why do overdue notices only work once and then nothing is printed?

Ensure that repeat is set to multiple notices. When printing overdue notices always select multiple notices.

Why aren’t all overdue loans included in the overdue notice?


  • Borrower selection and resource selection for the template and ensure that there are no unexpected filters applied.
  • Days due back (from) and days due back (to) values. If days due back (from) is a positive number, only items more days overdue that will be reported. For example, 7 means that the item needs to be at least 7 days overdue to be reported.

Why can’t I modify or delete an overdue notice template?

Your user role may not have the rights to do this. Library assistant users do not have these rights. You will need to get your teacher librarian to perform this task or ask your principal to raise your user role in AMU if your library duties require you to be able to make changes to overdue notice Templates.

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