Why do borrowers who have left my school still appear in Oliver?

Student borrowers who leave your school go through a managed process to remove their records from Oliver. The process takes at least 30 days so that borrowers who leave for a short time or were accidentally ‘left’ in ERN will not be deleted from Oliver.

Borrowers who left before your school migrated to Oliver will not be deleted automatically and will need to be deleted. Also on very rare occasions a borrower who has left may be missed by the managed process and will require removal.

You can delete borrowers who have left your school yourself if you want to accelerate the process, or if the managed deletion process does not remove them automatically.

Be careful not to accidentally delete borrowers who are still at your school because their loan history will be lost and cannot be restored, however, the borrower record will be added to Oliver again when any change is made to their details in ERN.

When a student borrower leaves your school:

  • They are given a tag ‘Borrowers who have left your school’
  • Their expiry date is set to one day prior to the date they are marked as ‘left’ in ERN, this stop a student borrowing on the day they leave your school
  • Their roll class is changed to ‘left’.

Students will be given an expiry date indicating they have ‘left’ if their status changes from enrolled in attendance (EIA) to ‘left’ in ERN.

‘Left’ borrowers will be deleted from Oliver automatically after a delay of 30 days, provided they have no loans outstanding. You will need to return any outstanding loans before the borrower can be deleted. For details of the process refer to the guide – Finding and deleting borrowers that have left your school using tag manager or expiry date.

Staff will only be marked as ‘left’ when they are no longer employed by the department. In general, you will need to identify and delete staff borrowers yourself as this does not currently happen automatically.

How do I delete student and staff borrowers who have left?

Normally this will happen automatically and you will not need to do anything. When a staff or student borrower leaves your school:

  • Their borrower record will be moved to the roll class ‘left’.
  • The expiry date will be set to the date they left the school.
  • They will be given a tag ‘borrowers that have left your school'.
  • Their borrower record will be deleted automatically from Oliver 30 days later.

The final step of deleting their borrower record will not occur if:

  • The borrower has outstanding loans.
  • They left before your school migrated to Oliver and were not deleted before migration.

After returning any outstanding loans, you can delete left borrowers manually if you don’t want to wait the 30 days.

How do I identify borrowers with no images?

There may be new borrowers with no photos or library staff may have imported borrower photos previously. For instructions see the guide – How to identify borrowers with no images attached.

For more information see:

Need to know more?

For instructions refer to the guide – Finding and deleting borrowers that have left your school using tag manager or expiry date

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