How can I stop barcodes printing as numbers?

When barcodes are printed in reports from Oliver using Word format, the FREE3OF9 barcode font must be installed on the computer being used or the barcode will be displayed as numbers.

If barcodes display like this: *412345678* instead of like a barcode then the computer needs to have the FREE3OF9 barcode font to be installed.

If a computer is new or has been re-imaged it will require the barcode font to be installed.

This guide describes how to install the Barcode font and also includes a link to download the font.

Alternatively, you can select PDF for the report output format as this will print barcodes correctly without requiring the font to be installed on the computer.

How do I print borrower barcodes?

These two guides describe how to print barcodes for Roll Classes and for Staff.

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