Why do I get the message 'The loan period has been extended...'?

When school holidays are approaching, you may notice Oliver gives you an information message when you issue loans that would normally be due during the holidays.

Oliver doesn’t allow a loan to be due when the library is closed. The due date will be changed to the next day that the library is open. The message is for information only and does not need to be cleared.

You may also see this message if the lending rules specify a due date that is not a multiple of 7 days since the calculated due date will sometimes fall on a weekend when the library is closed.

How do I fix temporary loans that have been created accidently?

Oliver will offer to issue a loan as a temporary loan if it does not recognise the barcode that has been entered.

Barcodes scanned with a scanner should always be recognised. If they are not you should find out why the barcode is not recognised instead of proceeding with a temporary loan.

If you type in a barcode, all the numbers need to be entered including the check letter and the school code.

You can return a temporary loan (whether accidental or legitimate) by typing in to Circulation Desk > Returns the ‘barcode’ that was used when you made the temporary loan.

You can display a list of temporary loans as follows:

  1. Navigate to Circulation > Home.
  2. In the INFORMATION section in the top right, click the number link for Current Loans.
  3. Click the Search icon (Black binoculars).
  4. In the Any Words field, enter the search expression: barcode = ""
  5. Click the [Search All Fields] button.
  6. A list will be displayed of any temporary loans.
  7. If you wish, you can click the Report icon and print the list. The report Borrower Loans with barcode is a good report to use as it includes a scannable barcode of the temporary loan barcode that you can scan into Circulation Desk > Returns to return the temporary loan.

For more information see the guide – How to manage temporary loans.

If you would like to know how to issue a temporary loan see the guide – How to issue a temporary loan

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