Stocktake overview

The Oliver stocktake function is designed to:

  • Identify and change the status of copies that are currently missing
  • Identify and change the status of copies previously missing to available
  • Identify and return copies that are currently on loan but are available
  • Identify copies that are incorrectly shelved in the wrong collection.


  • Can be completed at any time of the year
  • Does not need to have every item returned before commencing
  • Does not require a back-up before commencement or during the process
  • Does not require Items to be in strict shelf order
  • Allows more than one person entering barcodes into the same section simultaneously during a stocktake
  • Allows multiple stocktakes on various collections to be undertaken simultaneously.

Stocktake restrictions:

  • Circulation can continue although this is not recommended. Consider isolating collections and restrict borrowing from the collection during stocktake to minimise complications
  • Do not catalogue new items or edit items in the sections included in the stocktake while the stocktake of that section is underway
  • Do not weed from the selected section during the stocktake process. Consider weeding before or after stocktake

When can we start stocktake?

A stocktake can be undertaken any time of the year.

What level of access to Oliver does a user need in order to create a stocktake.

The library administrator user role is required to create, delete and finalise a stocktake.

Is it recommended not to borrow and return books during a stocktake?

It is recommended to suspend all borrowing and returning from the collection during a stocktake.

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