Overview of branches

Branches are used to manage the location of copies. All schools have branches called 'Library' and 'School resources'.

  • Library is the main branch and is used on copies that are held in the school library.
  • School resources can be used on copies that are held in other school locations, such as faculties, textbooks and readers.

What resources will students see?

If a student is logged in and searches in Orbit resources in the school resources branch will not display. All resources will still display when using the OPAC computers in the library.

How do we locate resources not in the library?

Items in the school resources branch will still be in collections. For example, the Textbook, Readers and English Storeroom.

Can you add notes if they are in another room, for example, maths storeroom?

You could have a maths storeroom collection or use notes. There are two notes fields. One in the resource (title record) and one in the copy record. The notes in the resource record can be seen by everyone. The notes in the copy record can only be seen by library staff.

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