Perthville Public School

Students at Perthville Public School have been using the new on-line road safety resource Safety Town. They eagerly explored the interactive activities, videos and story books learning and discussing about how to be safer road users in the community.

The students and the teachers gave Safety Town the thumbs up!

"They really liked the discussion it promoted and how it branched into other areas such as peer pressure and bullying."

"All the students were so enthusiastic to use it and went home and shared the road safety messages with their families."

Have you and your students visited Safety Town?

Students holding up the bike safety flyer.
Image: Students enjoyed the bike safety activity.
Smiling student in front of interactive whiteboard.
Image: Student enjoying the bike safety presentation.
Three students showing off their holding hands activity cards.
Image: Thumbs up for the holding hands activity.
Jenna working on her holding hands activity card.
Image: Student working on the holding hands activity card.
A colourful road safety activity showing a street scene.
Image: Two students working on a road safety activity.
A student using the interactive board.
Image: A student rolling the dice on the interactive board.
Student selecting true as and answer to an interactive question.
Image: Interactive activity on the electronic whiteboard.
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