Interpreting texts in road safety

As part of a unit of work, students in stage one read a variety of texts and viewed a variety of print and television advertisements focusing on passenger safety.

As a class group they discussed the main road safety messages they found in the texts.

Students were then asked to write the main messages they had learnt after interacting with the texts.

Click clack front n back, Always wear your seat belt. Never throw balls in the car. Dont put your body out the car. Dont distract the driver.
Image: The main messages Emma learned.
Click clack front n back, Always wear your seat belt. Dont throw your hand ball. Dont put your hand out of the window. Dont lie down in the car. Always sit in a booster seat.
Image: The main messages joshua B learned.
Always wear a seat belt. Dont distract the driver. Never put parts of your body out the window. Dont sit in the front seat. Be quiet in the car. Dont play ball in the car. Dont kick the front seat.
Image: The main messages Paris learned.

For more ideas about teaching road safety education through literacy contact your local Road Safety Education Officer.

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