Road safety syllabus content

PDHPE 7-10 Syllabus

Stage 4
  • defining risk factors and behaviours in a range of road environments and situations, eg road user distractions such as handheld devices and headphones
  • protective behaviours and equipment
  • influences on pedestrian, passenger and wheeled device behaviours
  • laws and rules.
Stage 5
  • responsible driver and passenger behaviour, for example minimizing and removing driver distractions such as handheld and hands free phones and other electronic devices, loud music and number of passengers.
  • factors influencing road-use behaviour
  • major causal factors in road and traffic related injuries, for example human (speeding, drug use, fatigue, occupant restraint), environmental, vehicular
  • consequences of unsafe road-use behaviour
  • skills and attitudes that support safe road behaviour, for example hazard perception, road sharing and tolerance
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