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As students become independent road users, they need to consider the skills, attitudes, and behaviours they need to help them and others stay safe as a pedestrian, passenger and wheels user.

Road safety is taught as part of the PDHPE K-10 syllabus. Resources are developed for secondary schools to support the PDHPE Years 7-10 syllabus, and the Safe Travel learning context in the 25-hour mandatory course Life Ready for senior students.

An effective road safety education program needs to:

  • be developmentally appropriate
  • address specific road safety syllabus content
  • be taught sequentially in each Stage by teachers.
  • reflect local road safety issues
  • be ongoing, not a one-off event
  • avoid the use of shock tactics.

Support for teachers

Your Road Safety Education Officer is your dedicated resource for curriculum support and ideas to implement road safety education at your school.

Road safety education officers run free professional learning workshops for teachers about road safety education. They will help you address local road safety issues through teaching and learning.

Calendar of events 2021 which can support road safety.

Teaching resources

On the move has the current versions of Transport for NSW's road safety education resources.

These include:

  • Road risks: Your choice (Stage 4)
  • Play it Safe (Stage 5)
  • Shifting gears (Stage 5)
  • Limiting risks: Protecting lives (Stage 5 and Life Ready)
  • Cruise Control - English teaching resource (Stage 6)


Tracksafe Education website provides teaching and learning activities to support safety around trains.


View road crash data using Transport for NSW's Interactive crash statistics

Life Ready aims to prepare and support students in Years 11 and 12 in NSW public schools as they encounter situations related to identity, independence and their changing responsibilities.

The learning and teaching activities provided are optional support materials for the implementation of Life Ready. Materials should be reviewed in full and supported by the Principal. Follow the implementation advice for Life Ready.

Teaching and learning resources are available to support the Safe Travel learning context.

- Counting the cost (DOCX 52KB)

- Home safely (DOCX 1,231 KB)

- Reducing road user distraction (DOCX 49.24KB)

- Travelling safely locally and overseas (DOCX 48.6KB)

- Safe travel - Can you really multitask?

Find out more by attending our Life Ready: Teaching the skills through safe travel workshop.

Schools considering implementing cycling as a sport need to follow the department's sport safety guidelines. Contact your local Road Safety Education Officer for any ideas.

Sample road safety teaching and learning activities

Stage 5

 Get your hand off it road safety teaching and learning activity (Word doc 1.6MB) is a sequence of four activities which students identify the:

  • features of safety campaigns,
  • need for a campaign in relation to mobile phone use as a road user 
  • target audience 
  • key messages for the community

Students work together collaboratively to develop a campaign that is targeted towards their local community and needs. 

First aid on the road (word doc 74.1MB)

Crash investigation (word doc 98.3MB)


Stage 6 PDHPE HSC course

This resource assists teachers and students explore Transport for NSW's Towards Zero campaign and the Ottawa Charter.

Towards Zero and the Ottawa Charter Powerpoint (PPT 1,234 KB)

Toward Zero and the Ottawa Charter Teacher notes (PDF 603KB)

Activity 3 - The Trends (drag and drop activity) (PPT 2,338 KB)


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