The Department of Education's Early childhood education sector has information about:

Travelling safely to and from preschool - advice for families

Unpacking excursions

Taking children out on excursions can provide many wonderful real-life experiences and the opportunity to talk about being safe when near roads.

This site provides support on how to manage excursions, examples and resources to support staff.

Transporting children safely.

The resources will assist early childhood centres to:

  • improve their understanding of, and compliance with, transport-related regulatory requirements, under both the NQF and NSW legislation.
  • drive quality improvement in their service’s transport practices, in line with best practice guidelines
  • make practical improvements to their existing policies, procedures and risk assessments for transportation and excursions involving transport
  • understand where to seek additional information and assistance on transport and road safety.

Kids and Traffic have partnered with resources to guide and assist NSW services in implementing best practice in the safe transportation of children, in early childhood centres.

Kids and Traffic provide professional learning workshops, road safety education information, resources, road safety strategies and advice to all early childhood centres.

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