Walking advice

Parents and carers are responsible for their child’s safety when travelling to and from school.

Always hold your child's hand when walking on the footpath, in the car park and when crossing the road - until they are at least 8 years old.

When your children are between 8 and 10 years old, supervise them very closely when they are near traffic and crossing the road.

When you decide to let your child walk to and from school by themselves, plan the journey together. Practise being a safe pedestrian by:

  • keeping to the left of the footpath
  • being aware of vehicles coming in and out of driveways
  • not being distracted by mobile devices or by other people
  • using a safe, alternative way home in wet weather
  • showing respect to other pedestrians.

Encourage your child:

  • to always use a safe place to cross the road such as a pedestrian crossing, traffic lights or a school crossing, if available
  • to check for turning vehicles before they cross the road and driveways
  • never to assume that a driver can see you or will stop for you
  • to make eye contact with a driver so they know the driver has seen them
  • to wait till the driver has completely stopped their vehicle before they cross the road or driveway.

Remind your child when crossing the road to always:

STOP! one step back from the kerb

LOOK! continuously both ways

LISTEN! for the sounds of approaching traffic

THINK! is it safe to cross.

Download information sheet – Walk safely pdf (PDF 1261.63KB)

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Transport for NSW's Safety Town information for parents and carers about pedestrian safety, gaining independence

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