Reminding parents and carers

Local road safety issues can often be addressed through parent and carer education strategies

As part of a whole-school approach to road safety education, schools are encouraged to regularly share information with the whole school community about the importance of being a good road safety role model as a pedestrian, passenger, cyclist and driver.

The NSW Department of Education has information to remind parents and carers about safe travel such as:

  • benefits of not using a car to travel to and from school
  • walking safely to and from school
  • when can I let my child travel to and from school independently
  • travelling safely to and from school by car
  • what if my child wants to skateboard to and from school
  • starting high school
  • independent travelling advice for older students and their parents and carers

This information can be shared through the school newsletter, website, social media, assemblies, enrolment packages and community meetings. (Road safety information available in 36 languages)

Transport for NSW has also developed Keeping our kids safe around schools information that schools can use to promote road safety in their community. These can be printed as handouts or uploaded onto your school website. eg, bus safety, driving safety, holding hands and more, also available in 15 community languages).

Suggested enewsletter inserts for school holidays

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