Road safety education for SSP and support unit K-12 teachers

Schools for specific purposes (SSPs) and support units in mainstream schools K-12 are unique in that teaching practices are highly specialised to meet the learning needs of their students.

Road user safety is a significant health concern for children and young people and whether they are dependent or independent road users, students K-12 must experience meaningful learning to meet their needs.

This one day workshop is designed for teachers in these specialist centres only.

We’ll explore and enhance your professional knowledge and practise by critically reflecting, discussing and planning for:

  • road safety as a contemporary health issue for children and young people
  • traffic issues onsite and in your school zone
  • road safety as part of PDHPE K-12 syllabuses and Stage 6 Life Ready course
  • meaningful teaching and learning activities for students in SSPs and support units
  • a whole-school and community culture of safe road user behaviours

Register your interest to attend this workshop (RG02992)

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