Local schools: years 7-10 road safety in PDHPE

To support teachers in planning for the implementation of the PDHPE K-10 syllabus, we will be offering a practical, engaging, face to face professional learning workshop for secondary teachers.

This workshop is the next phase of professional learning for those teachers who have previously completed the Road safety in the new PDHPE K-10 syllabus, for secondary teachers workshop (RG03483).

It’s recognised that teachers often don’t have the time needed to plan and prepare how they’ll practically apply and share what they’ve learned at professional learning events, with school colleagues.

With other like-minded schools, this one day workshop will give teachers’ time to collaboratively plan quality road safety and safe travel teaching and learning experiences in their Stage 4 and 5 PDHPE programs.

Register your interest to attend this workshop (RG03493)

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