Stage 6 Life Ready: Teaching the skills through Safe Travel

The Stage 6 Life Ready course is designed to help senior students address issues of health, safety and wellbeing at a time when they face significant changes and challenges in their lives.

This two day workshop is an opportunity for organisers and teachers of Life Ready to improve their knowledge and understanding of the course by exploring it through the Safe Travel learning context. Teachers will develop an understanding of the principles, skills and interactive learning approaches that underpin student learning in the Life Ready course. It's hands-on with many opportunities to discuss your new learning in light of the needs of your students.

Two day workshop information:

Day 1 - Life Ready: Teaching the skills through Safe Travel workshop (NRG05441)
Day 2 - Local schools: Safe Travel in Life Ready (NRG05452)
Day 1 participants will: At day 2 participants collaborate to:
  • appreciate that road trauma is a significant contemporary health issue for young people
  • strengthen their understanding and application of the Life Ready course for Stage 6 students
  • improve their capacity to plan skills-based teaching and learning activities
  • evaluate a range of teaching and learning activities
  • interact in a collegial network for ongoing professional learning support
  • consolidate ideas for going forward.
  • review a range of resources to support their teaching of safe travel
  • apply the Life Ready course to develop localised safe travel learning experiences tailored to meet their students’ needs
  • design a professional learning resource to upskill colleagues on effective safe travel in Life Ready
  • engage in supportive networks with colleagues in the planning, implementing and evaluating of Life Ready programs.

Pre-requisites for day 1

  • participants are asked to complete a two hour online professional learning module prior to attending. Details provided on registration.

Pre-requisite for day 2

  • participants must have completed day 1

Cost: Workshop costs are subsidised by the department’s Road Safety Education Program. One day casual teacher relief is available for each day, if your school hasn’t previously attended. Additional teachers are welcome to attend with relief paid by own school.

Completing this two-day workshop will contribute 10 hours of NESA elective professional development addressing the following Australian Professional Standards for Teachers maintaining proficient teacher accreditation in NSW 1.2.2, 2.1.2, 3.2.2, 6.2.2, 6.3.2 and 7.4.2.

Enrol in day 1 (NRG05441) through MyPl.

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