Our principles

A whole-school approach is the basis for effective promotion of road safety education.

Principals for effective school road safety education

The Health Promoting Schools Framework encourages a whole school approach to achieving positive educational, health and wellbeing outcomes for all school community members.

A health promoting school is one that constantly improves as a setting for healthy living, learning and working.

A whole-school approach to road safety education is where schools, parents, carers and communities work together to create a supportive environment for students to learn, understand and practise road safety.

Our aim

To empower children and young people in NSW public schools to be safe road users.

Our principles

Our principles centre around the whole school approach to road safety education.

The Road Safety Education, Driver Education and Training Policy provides the framework for the planning and teaching of road safety in NSW public schools.

The Wellbeing Framework for Schools equips schools and their communities to support students at each stage of their development and to do this through quality teaching, learning and engagement. Road safety education sits within:

Thrive: Road safety education, driver education and training.

Schools contribute to students' knowledge, skills and understanding of being a personally and socially responsible road user.

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