• Walk Safely to School in 2021

    A great way to build your child's road safety knowledge and skills is by joining in National Walk Safely to School Day this year 15 May 2021, not just this day but every day you can.

  • Road safety on holidays

    With the school holidays approaching, daily routines often change and everyone is a lot more relaxed. Different play locations and holiday destinations means changed traffic environments and new safety concerns.

  • Starting school safely

    It’s an exciting and challenging time when our kids start in primary school. There are many changes and they have plenty of things to think about. But what about getting to and from school safely?

  • Kindergarten Orientation Days and Road Safety

    Starting school means lots of changes for children and their families. Travelling to and from school is no exception. Kindergarten orientation days are a great way to promote safe road user behaviours to new parents/carers/grandparents and students. Have you ordered your Kindergarten Orientation Road Safety Library bags yet?

  • Animated road safety messages

    How do you share road safety information with your school community? Transport for NSW have developed the following animations, about expected safe road user behaviours.

  • Children under 16 can ride on the footpath

    Did you know the rules have changed and children up to the age of 16 in NSW can now legally ride a bike on the footpath? Previously it was up to the age of 12.

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