About us

The Department's Road Safety Education program is fully funded by Transport for NSW. We support NSW public schools and teachers K-12.

Our policy

The Road Safety Education, Driver Education and Training Policy provides the framework for the planning and teaching of road safety in NSW public schools.

What do we do?

Our dedicated team provides professional learning about road safety education to teachers in NSW public schools.

Our Road Safety Education Officers:

  • tailor professional learning support for your school's needs. Register your interest online.
  • offer workshops for primary and secondary teachers about best practice road safety education
  • work with small groups of schools on road safety education projects and initiatives
  • provide advice to principals and schools about implementation of the department's Road Safety Education, Driver Education and Training Policy
  • support principals to help solve road safety issues in and around schools.

Our aims

Empower children and young people in NSW public schools to be safe road users.

Encourage all schools to use a whole school approach to road safety education.

Offer and provide support to all schools K-12 to:

  • improve quality teaching of the curriculum
  • create and maintain a supportive culture, environment and policy
  • engage and liaise with parents, carers and the school community.

A whole-school approach to road safety education is where schools, parents, carers and communities work together to create a supportive environment for students to learn, understand and practise road safety.

Road Safety Education support for the other education sectors

Road safety education support is available by contacting:
Kids and Traffic the Early Childhood Road Safety Education Program
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