How to apply

Authorised religious volunteers can attend schools to teach in the specific beliefs and practices of their religious persuasion to students who identify with that persuasion for up to one hour per week as per the Education Act 1990.

Application process

Applications to provide special religious education (SRE) in NSW public schools are assessed through the following steps:

  • careful analysis of the application
  • seeking further information from the applicant where necessary
  • obtaining further advice where required
  • seeking advice from the SRE consultative committee where appropriate
  • recommendation made to the Minister for Education
  • Minister for Education makes the final decision to approve or not approve an application.

The length of time for an application to become an approved provider can vary and is dependent on several factors including the complexity of the application and the scheduling of the SRE consultative committee meetings. The SRE consultative committee usually meets once per school term. The average length of time to process an application is 165 calendar days.

Additional information on responsibilities for approved providers can be found in the Special religious education procedures (PDF 92.61KB). Please read this information thoroughly to ensure your organisation is able to satisfy all of the responsibilities.

Religious persuasions wishing to obtain approval should obtain an application form from

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