The final say on quotes

Focus on the evidence base to expand personal meaning while promoting deep listening skills.

Duration – 15 minutes (plus an additional 6 minutes for every new round)

Timing and description for 'The final say on quotes' protocol
Timing Description
Prior to the conversation A reading assignment is given and individuals are asked to identify 3 quotes from the selection that intrigue them and that they want to discuss with their colleagues.


2 minutes

For a larger group, designate a facilitator and timekeeper.

Review the norms and purpose for this session.


5 minutes

Each person silently reviews the text and prioritises the 3 quotes to discuss with others.

6 minutes (each round)

Response to a quote

One person begins by citing the page number of one of their quotes and then reads the quote. The person reading the quote does not comment on it.

In round-robin style – moving around the circle (or call) – each person comments on the quote by offering thoughts or experiences or building on what was previously said. The person who presented the quote remains quiet during this exchange and listens to insights from others.

When the round robin is completed, the person who presented the quote has the final say and comments on the quote by stating the reason for its significance and what has been learned from colleagues about the quote.

New rounds

After the first round is completed, the step above is repeated with a new person offering a quote. The rounds continue until there is no more time.


2 minutes

Group members comment briefly on how the session supported their understanding and how they might improve on the process.

Adapted from Glaude, C (2011) Protocols for Professional Learning Conversations. Cultivating the Art and Discipline. Bloomington: Solution Tree Press

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