Supporting evidence

Support ideas with the evidence base (rather than voicing opinions). The round-robin process encourages all voices to be heard. 6 to 8 people to a group is best.

Duration – 46 minutes

Timing and description for 'Supporting evidence' protocol
Timing Description


2 minutes

Designate a facilitator and timekeeper.

Review the norms and purpose for this session.

Silent reading

8 minutes

Read <Insert title of text> (pages XX-XX), and complete the T-chart.

Key ideas

8 minutes

One person begins by writing one of their key ideas and shares evidence from the text and the page number where the evidence was found.

Do a round-robin with each person commenting or adding to this key idea.

Share personal experiences, beliefs or insights about this key idea.

More key ideas

24 minutes

Repeat the step above with the next person (in the circle or on the call).

Repeat until all key ideas have been documented.

Check with the expert

10 minutes

Silently read, <Insert title of text> (pages XX-XX) to determine what the author says are the key ideas.

After reading, consider any differences in what your group discussed from what the author says.


2 minutes

Comment briefly on how the session supported your learning and how you might improve on the process.


Key idea Evidence (page number)
Example – Reading fluency is an important element for effective reading instruction in the early years. Example – Fluency is the bridge from word recognition accuracy to text comprehension (page 517).

Adapted from Glaude, C (2011) Protocols for Professional Learning Conversations. Cultivating the Art and Discipline. Bloomington: Solution Tree Press

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