In 2017, NSW Education Standards Authority (NESA) released the Chinese K-10 Syllabus.

The support on this page includes sample:

  • scope and sequences
  • unit starters (units of work)
  • assessment tasks, with marking guidelines.

Modify the documents to suit your context, including the needs of your students.

For advice on how to develop your own programming documents, visit our programming and assessment page.

Support materials from NSW Department of Education

The Chinese K-10 syllabus was developed using the Languages K-10 Framework. As all K-10 language syllabuses (2017 and later) are underpinned by this framework, teachers should view resources across all languages to access a broader range of sample scope and sequences, unit starters and assessment tasks.

Stage 4 – Chinese

Stage 4 – generic (can be adapted to any language)

Stage 5 – Chinese

Stage 5 – generic (can be adapted to any language)

Interactive resource

  • Go Hanyu! for Stages 4 to 6 a series of videos with supporting activities.

Support materials from NESA

NESA has also developed a range of materials to support the Chinese K-10 syllabus. You can access sample scope and sequence documents, sample units of work and sample assessment activities under 'Support materials' on the Chinese K-10 Syllabus page.

If you need further assistance with accessibility for any of these resources, please get in touch with us at

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