Working safely

Personal safety, risk management and safe work procedures are at the centre of all teaching in technological and applied studies (TAS) subjects. It is the first thing considered when planning a lesson.

The Department of Education has mandated controls for many work practices in TAS subjects. This includes advice on equipment used in technologies including textiles, timber, metal, food, plastics, electronics and agriculture.

The following resources are available to support department staff.

  • Equipment Safety in Schools is provided by safety and compliance and includes advice from asset management about mandatory controls for using equipment in schools.
  • Safety and compliance includes advice from asset management directorate about key safety and legislative issues.
  • Chemical Safety outlines safe workplace practices (Department of Education intranet only).
  • Health and safety directorate (requires login) provides information about work, health and safety, including risk management.

Further advice

Additional advice and information may be sought from the following.

  • Manager, safety and compliance
  • Health and safety
    1800 811 523
  • Legal services
    9561 8538
  • TAS Adviser
    02 9266 8514
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