Project for Years 5 and 6

Laguna Street Public School

Driving question

Does our 3-6 playground need an upgrade?

Climate change

The playground at Laguna Street Public School was in desperate need of repair. Old, patchy and full of safety hazards, the P&C had started to plan what areas to upgrade, how to improve them and how much money they would need. Fundraising efforts were well under way and then, an enormous opportunity was illuminated:

Why have the P&C design and plan the playground when we had capable young people who knew and used the space? The students knew how they wanted the space to be improved. They would more than likely enjoy the challenges, frustrations and excitement such a project could bring.

This was a genuinely rich opportunity for authenticity and for leveraging student interest to drive syllabus and curriculum learning. Most significantly, by understanding how learning and engagement is defined based on research; our expectations of students, support for students, and assessment of student needs and capabilities, have all changed.

All learning tasks and experiences are seen as opportunities for ‘assessment’ with student voice playing a much larger role in directing and refining learning.

Project materials

Laguna Street PS STEM unit (DOCX 57 KB)

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