Project for Stage 3

Rosemeadow Public School

Driving question

  • How can we add to or compliment the new school garden?
  • How can we create a microclimate with optimal growing conditions for seed germination?
  • How can we design and create a greenhouse best suited for the school environment?

Construct a greenhouse

At Rosemeadow Public School three classes were involved in our STEM project. Each class started with a number of mini projects to address the skills of critical and creative thinking, collaborating, communicating, investigating, questioning and predicting, processing and analysing information, evaluating, planning and designing. Students were then asked to identify which areas of the school needed to be improved. For example, this led to the need for a greenhouse to support the growth of seedlings for our new garden and outdoor learning area. These STEM projects have enabled the staff to see the value of inquiry-based learning. It has allowed students to make connections between their learning and real world problems and challenges. It engaged students in deep and rich conversations and learning.

Project materials

Rosemeadow PS – Greenhouse project (DOCX 228KB)

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