Project for Stage 3

Crabbes Creek Public School

Yellow hexagons piled up to look like honeycomb.
Image: Bee hive

Driving questions

  • Why is STEM Education important for our students?
  • What can we do to support the future focused learning needs of our students?


The aim of the project was to inform the community about the current bee problem and put forward our solutions to address this issue. The activities in our STEM project enabled integration of syllabus outcomes and greater integration of technology. The STEM project has had a huge impact in our school. It has provided pathways for students, staff and community to develop deeper understanding of STEM and project-based learning and develop a variety of skills to adapt to the changing world. Students have demonstrated skills in problem solving, critical, design, higher order and creative thinking by applying taught strategies and work collaboratively to solve authentic real life problems.

Project materials

Crabbes Creek STEM unit – Bees – program and outcomes (DOCX 54KB)

Crabbes Creek STEM unit – Bees – learning experiences (DOCX 48KB)

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